Ferrari Rentals In Italy

Did you know the famous Ferrari prancing horse emblem is not related to the car’s horsepower?

We are gonna share that at the end of this post and what we learned on renting a Ferrari in its origin, Italy.

Origin of Ferrari in Italy

Inside a Ferrari

Italy is a very beautiful city that is filled with lots of structures, people and also exotic cars. When I say exotic cars, I mean cars that are so flashy and attractive such cars include the Ferrari, Maybach, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and so on. For the sake of this article, we will be talking only about Ferrari.

The Ferrari is a car manufactured by an Italian based sports car company known as Ferrari N.V. It was founded by Enzo Ferrari back in 1939. It is based in Maranello and originated from Auto Avio Construzioni, which was a race division as at 1939; the cars this company produces are usually associated with racing.

They are extremely fast cars and are mostly used like Formula 1, but they also produce cars that can be used on the roads by communists all over the world. Due to the origin of the car, when you step into Italy, there are a lot of people owning or dealing with it.

How much to rent a Ferrari in Italy for a day?

Renting Ferrari

It costs around 700 Euros per day up to 1,500 Euros per day, depending on the model and number of days. A low range Ferrari California would be 700 Euros, mid-range Ferrari Spider would be 1,000 Euros and Ferrari Superfast would be 1,500 Euros.

As you can see the prices are not affordable to many people. So the alternative is a Ferrari test drive experience.

How much to test drive a Ferrari in Italy?

Ferrari F430

For a short 10mins 9km experience in a Ferrari Portofino, it costs around 120 Euros. A much longer 60mins test drive costs around 550 Euros. There is an extra charge for each additional passenger for around 20 Euros.


There are lots of car rentals and Ferrari test drives in Italy open to offer you their service at any time you might need them.

  • King Rent SA

This rental company offers to the public the largest selection of luxury car rentals all across Europe. They give their clients nothing but the best car rental experience by providing an exclusive touch to any business or vacation trip. They have their headquarters in Switzerland but have branches scattered all over Europe, they guarantee rental quality when making use of any of their products. You will get the newest car model of any major brand you can think of in King Rent.

  • Pushstart Srl

Pushstart Srl is a new rental company located at Via Alfredo Dino Ferrari, 41, 41053 Maranello MO, Italy. They offer a large range of luxury exotic cars at a very affordable rate, you will be allowed to drive it yourself but they often recommend you sit in the passenger seat and allow the instructor to show you what the car you ordered can do before you take full control of it. They have a high user rating coming from people who have tested their service one way or the other.

  • Hertz

This is an American car Rental Company that conducts operations in over 9700 international corporate and franchise locations, one of these locations is in Venice, Italy. It is regarded as the second largest US car rental company when measured according to sales, locations and fleet size. Its headquarters is in Estero, Florida, USA.

  • Joey Rent - Luxury Car Rental

Joey rent is the official car rental company of the biggest hotels found in Italy and France. They provide a wide range of modern and vintage cars which are available for hire. It all depends on your taste and what you prefer because all of them are available.

  • Edel & Stark SARL

The Edel & Stark group offers all types of luxury transportation services. They offer both car, limousine and aviation services; you can imagine what they have in their collection. Something unique about their services is that they deliver your required product to anywhere you are, your home, hotel or the airport. They also help their clients get accommodations in the biggest restaurants in town.

  • DOLCE V-Italy

This company offers you a 7 days a week service for pick up and drop down of any car of your choice in their collection in an agreed location. With Dolce V car rental, there is a unique opportunity to hire the most recent models of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, SUV and so on. You can pick up and return the car in any city in Italy and Europe at large, wherever you may find yourself in these regions.

  • Driving The Dream Srl

Driving The Dream is a Ferrari focused car rental company; this simply means that they deal with only the Ferrari brand of cars. They are located at Viale Europe 61, Siena, Italy, and can deliver your luxury car to you anywhere in Italy. A professional driver will be provided for you giving you the opportunity to fully understand the car, its abilities and gain the best experience possible.

  • Motorsport Maranello

Once you are in Italy and you need a car for rent, you can rely on Motorsport Maranello to provide you with the service that you need. You can rent their vehicle for occasions such as weddings, dinner party, music videos and so on. Maranello in Italy has good roads that will give you the best as you test the Ferrari of your choice for Motorsport’s collection.

Related Questions

How many people have Ferraris in Italy? In Ooyyo Used Market, there were 1,030 Ferraris in Italy. Ferrari decided in 2012 to cap global production at 7,000 cars a year, to maintain the exclusivity of its brand and drive up prices rather than sell more Ferraris to the growing customer base of the global super-rich. However, the number is increasing to 8,000 and might reach 10,000 due to growing demand. Ferraris are mostly exported and sold to Germany, China, and the UK.

What is the history behind the prancing horse's image in Ferrari's logo? It was the logo from a World War I, Italian flying ace Francesco Baracca`s airplane. The pilot suggested using the prancing horse logo to Enzo Ferrari, who was a racing driver for Alfa Romeo in the earlier decades of the twentieth century.

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