Eleven things about Lake Como before you go

It is very possible that you have heard about Lake Como at one point or the other. Asides this fact, you should know that Lake Como is located on the Northern side of Italy. It is always a spectacular sight when you are around the lake. If there is anything else that you would want to do around this lake, the first would be that you would want to take some awesome pictures in other to save the memories of the place.

Lake Como

In case you are considering going to this Lake, there are a number of things that you should know about this Lake before you go visiting

Eleven things about Lake Como before you go

  1. The first thing that you might want to note about this Lake is the fact that the Lake is a large Lake located in Lombardy, which is a region located in the northern side of Italy, and it is one of Italy’s deepest lakes. The lake is also very spectacular because it is the third-largest lake in all of Italy.
  2. Another thing that you might want to know about Lake Como is the fact that the scenery of the Lake looks like it has a “Y” shape and within the angles of the “Y” is located a small town. The surroundings of the lake are stunning also.
  3. Also, Lake Como is spectacular because some of the richest people in Italy have made the surroundings of the place, their homes. It is also common because it is a popular tourist attraction in Italy
  4. Lake Como is a Lake that has a developed transport system. As a matter of fact, most of the towns that are all around the lake are linked together with ferries and water taxis and this is because it is the most dominant transport system in Como’s region.
  5. If there is anything that you can do when you visit Lake Como, one of those things would be to visit some of the amazing towns that link up to the lake. This you could do with your car or via strolling.
  6. When you go on a tour to the Lake Como, one thing that you need to look out for is a place that is called Bellagio. In this place, you can do some of your worthy shopping and also visit some of the best restaurants that you would find around the lake. From Bellagio, you can easily have a rare view of the Lake.
  7. Another thing that you might want to do in Lake Como is to enjoy the Botanical garden which is located somewhere close to the Lake. The garden also has some nice statues which you want to consider taking a picture or two around.
  8. Around the lake also is a small village which is known as Varenna. It is a fishermen’s village which has a lot of attraction because of the sight of the place and also the fact that you can take some awesome pictures in this village.
  9. You should also look out for Castello di vezio, it is a castle around the Lake Como where you could have the best sight of the Lake, while the breeze of the Lake hits your face.
  10. Villa Carlotta is another beautiful scenery that you might want to consider visiting when you go on a tour to this awesome Lake. It is awesome from times lost in timeless immemorial and the reason for this is because the scenery was bought for the daughter of one of Italy’s high Lords in the 11th Century. 
  11. There is the Como Cathedral also which is located in one of the best viewpoints around the lake. You could also consider going to this place when you go visiting the awesome lake.
Lake Como Building

Is Lake Como Swimmable? 

Lake Como is a beautiful lake when you are around the Lake, it is awesome because you get to see so many ferries and boats around the lake, and this has got too many people wondering if the lake could be swimmable. It should be noted that while the lake is not a polluted one, it is not ideal for those who want to consider swimming in the lake and the reason for this is because of the moss at the shore of the lake. The lake is also very deep and it is said that it is also very dark when you leave the shore of the lake.

While many people ply the lake, it should be noted that many of them don’t try to swim in the lake. This is also a matter of choice.

Are there car ferries on Lake Como?

It should be noted that there are a lot of ferries when it comes to Lake Como. Amongst the typical ferries that you would find are car ferries and passenger ferries. There are also very slow ferries and other hydrofoil ferries which are considered to be faster. While the ferries are well-staffed, it is cheaper to go by ferry around the lake because it is the usual means of transport for the people around the lake.

Can you celebrate Easter in Lake Como?

It is rumored that one of the most pleasant times to visit the lake is during festival periods. Easter is one of those periods and so it is a very awesome choice if you chose to visit the lake during Easter.

Does Lake Como Freeze?

It has been stated that Lake Como is subject to the Mediterranean climate, but at the later part of the year, winter does visit the lake. It could be all could during this period, but it should be noted that regardless of the weather, the Lake is one of the very fortunate lakes because it doesn’t freeze. 

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