6 Best Gelato in Rome that Italian Loves Too

Following our popular post on the best gelato in Venice, we will mention the famous venues where you can get the perfect Gelato in Rome.

  • Torce: 

    Torce Gelato Rome

    This Gelato parlor opened in the year 2003. Torce is famous for its unusual flavors. Have you ever thought of having vegetables in your Gelato? If not then just ensures the fact that Torce is unusual in its flavors that they offer. Torce includes flavors like celery and bold ginger. They also offer gluten-free cones that make their waffles even healthier to experience at least once. The original branch of Torce has the most flavors and variety to offer. Torce is a definite visit if you want to try unique flavors that are different from everyday life.

    • Fatamorgana: 

      Fatamorgana gelato

      Another famous Gelato parlor in Rome is Fatamorgana. The interesting thing about this parlor is that the Gelato is homemade. The owner of the restaurant Maria Agnese herself takes special care in ensuring that the Gelato is made with perfection. Maria herself is a patient of Celiac Disease. Hence both her cones and ice-cream that she offers in her parlor are gluten-free.  She is also considerate with other labels as people at times are allergic to eggs and can be lactose intolerant and these things are well labeled in her gelato that she offers.

      • Fior Di Luna: 

        Fior Di Luna:

        If you are looking for gelato that is made entirely without any processing at all what so ever Fior Di Luna is your go-to place. The most unique thing about this gelato place is that it makes its chocolate bars. Hence they are most famous for their chocolate flavor gelato. Their options for the chocolate range is huge. In addition to that what is unique about this chocolate place is that they make their gelato from the real fruits which make the taste of the gelato even more health and the taste is as close to as your real likeness towards any fruit that you happen to enjoy.

        • Gelateria del Pigento: 

          Gelateria del Pigento:

          If you are looking for a local joint that is not famous then Gelateria Del Pigento is one place that you should visit. The marketing of this place is so simple that the signboard itself speaks out simplicity in all sense. One thing unique about this place that the owner of the place is Roman. He ensures that the old traditional tastes of Rome in Gelato still stay part of their culture. This place includes the most conventional flavors which includes like hazelnuts. At the same time, he tries to keep up with new modern times for the demand of indifferent flavors and hence includes flavors like cardamom.   

          • Punto Gelato: 

            Punto Gelato

            The Gelato Parlor of Punto takes the quotation it's all in the ingredients very seriously. This Gelato Parlor is famous as it ensures that only the highest quality of ingredients go in the making of the Gelato that will be produced under their name. The maker of the Gelato Gunther Rohregger first makes sure that the milk that is used in the making of the Gelato is organic. The extent that the maker goes to ensure for the quality of the fruits that will be used in the making of the Gelato can be derived from the fact that the watering of these fruits is done by water that includes the correct amount of minerals that are required for the fruits to grow in their best form.  

            • Gelateria Artigianale Corona: 

              Gelateria Artigianale Corona

              Another one on the list of tiny local shops that have a great quality to offer. Gelateria Artigianale Corona is famous for making flavors that have the blend of most unique tastes. There are many which they offer but perhaps two that are worthy of mentioning are Orange-lemon chili and Lemon Basil. If you are someone who has taste buds that enjoy little tanginess than this gelato parlor is must-visit for you when you are visiting Rome. Their flavors leave your tongue with a very earthy taste.  

              • Gelateria del Teatro: 

              Gelateria del Teatro

              If you are still not convinced that there are gelato parlor in Rome actual use fresh ingredients and all this is just a marketing strategy to gather people this gelato parlor well convince you for sure. Gelateria del Teatro offers its buyer to have a look at their making openly as their kitchen is based upon the idea of an open kitchen. The most enriching flavor that they have to offer is their coffee gelato. The coffee that is used for the making of this gelato is made Moka pot and is brewed till express before using it as the main ingredient. 

              Gelato in Rome

              If you want the best experience of Gelato, Rome is perhaps the destination you are looking for in your life. Most of the Gelato parlors in Rome give you the experience of fresh gelato with the best ingredients that the world has to offer. Once you taste their gelato, its amazing history will not be the only thing that you will keep remembering for the rest of your life but the experience of the amazing Gelato will be embedded in your mind forever as well.

              One dessert that fits in weather our emotions are sad or happy is Gelato. It is one comforting dessert that we all look up to in all situations of our lives. We should be aware of the fact that Gelato is different from ice-cream as it has more portions of milk as compared to cream in it. Italy is famous for its Gelato all around the world. Italians being health conscious prefer Gelato over ice cream. One of the most famous cities for Gelato in Italy is Rome.

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