Airports in Venice

This island town Venice has only two airports which serve air transport; there is road transport and the most used water transport. The two airports include; Marco Polo airport and Treviso airport. 

Airports are the most important destinations you should know their locations and other details especially when you are visiting a country for the first time, just in case you get lost it is the first place you can get help really quick. 

If you are planning to visit Venice in Italy, the very obvious means that you will use if you are abroad is by air transport, this means you will land in any of the two airports because they are only two of them, you will need these details on these airports, I will be breaking down for you and giving you the details on each.

  • Marco Polo Airport
  • Marco Polo Airport

    This is one of the two airports in Venice; it is an international airport which is 8 kilometers onto the mainland. It is just a small airport which does not have a lot of structures to confuse you. It is the fourth biggest airport in Italy.  The airport is not directly at the heart of Venice, you will need to cover some small distance before you reach Venice, and there is a variety of transport system available which includes buses and boats; however it is not very far, you can see the airport whistle you are in Venice town. The terminal of the airport has three terminals where the third floor has offices, their second floor is mainly for those people who are leaving the airport and the first floor is for those people who have just arrived. Once you arrive, you can rent a car you can consult the car renting desk which is on the first floor

    How to travel from the airport to Venice

    There are various means you can use to travel to Venice once you have arrived, you can;

    Water taxis- These are the best adventures you can have as you can travel to Venice though relatively expensive compared to others

    Public boats- these are cheaper compared to water taxis, or you can opt for a ferry which is available.

    Bus services-there are buses around which you use, the tickets for these buses are found in the terminal of the airport

  • Treviso airport
  • Treviso Airport

    It is just a small airport in Venice and has a small terminus when you compare to Marco Polo Airport. The airport is also not near to Venice which means you will have to travel to Venice by land, you can use the buses or taxis which will help you to reach Venice faster.

    The transport services offered at this airport

    When you arrive very late or very early the airport company bus is offered to take people to a railway which will link the travelers to Venice. However, if you need to book a car, you will find a desk at the terminal. If you get stranded, you will find a bus that heads to Venice you can choose to board to Venice, this airport is very small, it can only take a single plane at a go, very few visitors arrive using this airport.

    Which airport is the best in Venice?

    There are only two airports to choose from, Marco Polo is the best airport in Venice, the airport has a larger space compared to Treviso airport, and the airport can take more than one plane ago, it is has turned out to be the best. The airport is very close, you can even walk and there are safe. Because it is the best when it comes to customer service

    Which airport in Venice is closest to the city?

    When you make a comparison between the two airports in terms of distance, you will realize that Marco Polo is the nearest airport to Venice, when you are in the town of Venice can see Marco polo from a distance when you are in town. It will be easy to use the Marco Polo airport. Marco Polo is the best airport also because of the services you get from the customer care desk.

    In conclusion, Venice, however small it is, it has very many activities that you can get involved in. The town has just two airports. There are very many canals which act as a tourist attraction. There are verities of canals which act as a tourist where a person pays a visit to see the canals that are all over in this. The town has only two airport open which is Marco Polo airport and Treviso airport. There are very many thrilling things in Venice. 

    The main transport system is water and even other hotels have an entry which boats can enter through water if you are planning to visit Venice you can now tell which the best airport you can use is. Finally, you can appreciate that both the two airports have the best services ever when it comes to customer care, however, Marco Polo has the very best among them and in the whole of Italy. Air transport is the fastest means of transport in the whole world. It can be a matter of minutes to fly from one city to another. 


    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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