6 best Gelato in Rome that Italians love too

When in Rome, eat gelato they eat. Seeking out the best gelato in Rome which they are also fond of, is an excruciating task but only if you don’t know where to have it.

How about making a list of all the places serving Italians’ favorite gelato before heading to Rome. That would simply leave you with all the time to just enjoy those yummy scoops.

We have curated a list of all those places here whose gelato Italians swear by. So, without making your taste buds wait any longer, let’s get a taste of them together.

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  1. Gelati di San Crispino
Gelati di San Crispino

Obsession with delivering the best quality and fresh flavors has made Gelati di San Crispino an institution in itself. Their passion for gelato is evident from the fact that they serve it only in a cup as the cone supposedly interferes with gelato’s authentic flavors. Expect no compromise with taste even after serving those never-ending queues at their four locations. Enjoy their classic flavors and the innovative ones walking past the nearby iconic sights like Pantheon and Trevis Fountain.

Must have: Cacao and Crema all’armagnac

Note: If you miss tasting their loved gelato and leaving Italy for home, visit their gelateria at Fiumicino Airport (Terminal A)

  1. Otaleg   
Otaleg Gelato

Gelato spelled backward is Otaleg. The name itself shows how dedicated this place is to the authentic gelato. If your ultimate aim is simply to taste the best gelato out there without minding to go places, quite literally, then visiting this gelateria would be completely worth it. Marco Radicioni runs his gelateria in Monteverde, which is far from the city center but close to the hearts of many gelato-loving Italians. Fronted by a gelato laboratory, the gelateria caters well to all the taste buds with its 60 flavors. From classics to quirky, this place boasts to serve the best gelato in Rome. But this is not all you’ll have here. You get a chance to see the whole process of making their yummy gelato from scratch right in front of your eyes. And in case you have a long haul there, they offer courses in gelato making for amateur and professional level. After all, who doesn’t want to learn from a 3-star Michelin restaurant!

Must have: Don’t miss their most loved flavors; hazelnut, pistachio, and chocolate.

Note: If you are short on time to go so far, there is a new branch of them at Trastevere, with little fewer options than the main branch though. 

  1. Fatamorgana

Like Italians, if you are also ready to tantalize your taste buds with unusual yet swoon-worthy flavors, this gelateria is for you. With little shops popped all over Rome, it’s easier to taste their whimsical flavors. From the classics like walnuts-basil-honey to the more quirky ones like black rice-rose petal, black olives, avocado-lime-white-wine, horseradish-ginger-pink grapefruit-lemon peel, the list is endless. 

Go crazy with the unconventional flavors. Do as much tasting as you can as the same flavor may no longer be on the menu the next time you visit Rome for they keep evolving their menu. 

Must have: Madagascar chocolate, Seadas, Banana-Lime

Note: Both the gelato and cones are gluten-free. Dairy-free and sugar-free options are also available for the vegans.

  1. Claudio Torcè
Claudio Torcè gelato

One of the first to introduce quirky out-of-the-box flavors, this gelateria is the head honcho of Rome’s gelato scene. The Italians are a fan of this gelateria with their original location at Viale dell’Aeronautica listing most of the loved and famous flavors. They have more chocolate combination flavors than you can even think of and that too, with the twists you can never imagine. Sweet gelatos are a passè at this place. Order something savory, spicy, or even cheesy and expect its taste to be EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Surprise yourself with cashew and beer, wasabi, celery, jalapeno, rice with cinnamon and honey, gorgonzola, habanero chili, ginger, carbonara, and other odd flavors. 

Must have: Try their chocolate with Himalayan salt if you are a chocolate fan. The well-blended pear and port with toasted almonds is another must-try.

Note: They started making their gelato with low glycemic index sugar like fructose. Vegan-friendly gelato and gluten-free cones are also available on the menu. 

  1. Gelateria dei Gracchi
Gelateria dei Gracchi

Looking at this place from a distance’ you will hear it saying out aloud ‘Italians love the gelato here’ as you see a beeline waiting for their turn patiently. But all the wait would be worth it as you’ll have only freshly-made gelato which is made from scratch and infused with seasonal flavors sans any artificial colors, hydrogenated fats or preservatives. Their intense creamy gelato flavors made their once neighborhood-gelateria into a four location enterprise with crowds stomping over the feet to get their share of bite. All their flavors are a hit with Italians and tourists alike.  With flavors like rum-spiked chocolate, apple and mint, sweet cantaloupe, pear and caramel, and their famous pistachio di Bronte, the options are galore.

Must have: Do not miss their signature bonbons flavor which are little balls of almond, pistachio and hazelnut gelato dunked in dark chocolate and then rolled onto chopped nuts. 

Note: You won’t hear English inside, it’s thoroughly Roman’s favorite gelateria. Also, you won’t regret waiting patiently in that long queue.

  1. Fior di Luna
Fior di Luna

If you love keeping your gelato classic and your vibe casual, then head straight to Fior di Luna at Trastevere. With their gelato and sorbet being certified organic, it’s a not-to-miss kind of gelateria. Their scoops are purely made from concentrated fruit and sugar only which makes the gelato dense. The flavors include classics coffee, lemon, and crema. Don’t forget to miss their specialty chocolate gelato which is Italians’ favorite. They have all the twists to that authentic chocolate like with chili, rum, figs, or orange.

Must have: Their most famous and delicious gelato duetto which is an accidental fusion of Piemonte hazelnuts with pistachio.

Note: Get your cone or cup and eat it outside under the Cypress Trees’ shade. It’ll be your most unforgettable moment. Also, don’t forget to get your hands on their very own raw chocolate bars which are made from chocolate curated from locations like Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador.

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