Techmanity Brings the Humanity to Silicon Valley Conference Photo Gallery

The Techmanity Conference in Silicon Valley wowed the crowd with internet, tech, startup and Hollywood stars, such as Jared Leto (actor/musician/entrepreneur), Robert Patrick (actor), Rob Garza (musician, Thievery Corporation), Nicholas Negroponte (Internet Visionary, Founder MIT Media Labs), Biz Stone (Founder, Twitter), Sonny Vu (Misfit Wearables) and Gavin Newsom (Lt. Governor of CA) and others that lent an exciting edge to the 2 day conference on October 1 and 2, 2014 in San Jose.

This was a refreshingly different kind of conference that showed the human side of how technology functions. For example, Sonny Vu from Misfit Wearables talked about the development wearable technology, featuring watches with sensors, Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of CA and former Mayor of San francisco  talked about how government uses 20th century technology designed not to change and is not collaborative and the need  to move forward with open data/open source technology to advance more transparency in government.

Actor Jared Leto talked about how the music business has changed since he started his band in 98 with high barriers to entry. While the barriers are now removed, engagement is a necessary part of of the business. Rose Broome, Founder of HandUp, creates social impact technology that serves the homeless via non-profit agencies, with a new model for raising money. Think of crowd funding for those in need. Also on the social justice front, was Vivienne Harr,  the Founder of Make a Stand, who impressed the crowd with her maturity and insights, you may recall the ten year old girl raising money from a lemonade stand to rescue children from slavery. Yes, that’s her! She caught the attention of Twitter Founder, Biz Stone , who also participated in the session  with Vivienne and her Dad. Twitter is collaborating with Make a Stand on their app, which will also include saving animals. Stone also presented in the  Techmanity Awards.

The  Techmanity Awards was emceed by none other than David Harewood from Homeland (previously) and now Selfie. Awards were presented to: Nicholas Negroponte, Founder of 1 Laptop per child and internet visionary activist fame, child prodigy and Founder of Reddit, Aaron Swartz (posthumously) and others. More coming on the awards and other aspects of the conference coming at a later date.

The conference amped it up with live shows from Thievery Corporation on the first night with Rob Garza who appeared in a panel and is a truly nice guy and Weezer on the closing night at San Jose State University with a  rocking show! That’s the way to do a conference, considering this is the first one for Techmanity!  Looking forward to the show next year!

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