Silent Auction, not a Silent Night, this Thursday in Venice!

Art Exhibit & Silent Auction on Thursday, December 10,
8-10pm at NextSpace Venice Beach.

Janet Gervers-2015-Emerald Wave15 Local Venice Artists are included in the exhibit,
“Venice: Here & Now”
Javier De Aubeyzon, Sandy Bleifer, MB Boissonnault, Fatemeh Burnes, Dani Dodge, Janet Gervers, Gloriane Harris, Amy Kaps, KuBO,
Mei Xian Qiu, Sonja Schenk, Lisa Rosel, May Sun, Edmund Teske, Jennifer Verge

This event is a real landmark for Venice – believe it! The Silent Auction will jumpstart the seed money fund  for a Venice Arts  complex. While there are so many artists in Venice – after all that’s one of the major assets Venice Beach is known for worldwide, however, there isn’t a real arts complex where artists can live and work along with a museum and/or cultural center. In recent years, artists have lost their homes and studios and are continuously at risk it happening.

That’s where ViCA (Venice Institute of Contemporary Art), come in; founded by Juri Koll, also a Venice Artist and Curator of the show. Both Juri Koll, Founder of ViCA and Artist Sandy Bleifer (an artist in the exhibit) have done much of the research, that includes identifying feasible locations, discussing the project with local developers and locating the developer, PLACE that has previously built these projects.

It’s your chance to see some local art by Venice Artists, bid on some great Silent Auction items including the art and comingle with artists, art lovers and those in teh NextSpace coworking community!

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for the Silent Auction >
December 10, 8-10 pm
NextSpace Venice Beach
1600 Main Street
Venice 90291