Marina Skincare Spa Gives the Scoop on New Health Trend: Vitamin IV Therapies

We talked to Coleen Janeway, Founder and Clinical Director of Epithereal Skincare in Marina del Rey about Vitamin IV Therapies and how they can lead to healthy skin and body – beauty from the inside out!

Epithereal-IVTherapiesIV Therapies are combination of vitamins and minerals that get delivered into your body through an IV, administered by a board-certified physician assistant with supervision by a medical director, in this case, Dr. Yazdani at Epithereal Skincare

Since  some of us may be a bit hesitant when it comes to needles, we asked Coleen how she felt after the treatment; Coleen told us, “I have used the IV therapy it makes you feel great.  Refreshed and energized and gives you a certain glow. ” How about clients? ”

Some clients feel initially light headed but it passes quickly.  Otherwise, patients feel there are noticeable benefits from getting such treatments.

” There are a selection of IV Therapies below to give you an idea of what’s available and how it can help you.

Epithereal-injectables-liquid-faceliftIV TherapyTreatments:

  • IV Myer’s Cocktail Therapy: the perfect pick me up after late night partying blends vitamins & minerals; energy without the caffeine buzz
  • IV Vitamin C: antioxidant & standalone therapy – popular as a result of skin brightening effects
  • IV Glutathione: antioxidant-rich treatment helps remedy chronic fatigue or infections, inflammation, depression, asthma, etc

Even celebrities like Rihanna and Cindy Crawford are using these therapies and they look great! If you want to get more information about IV Therapies call Coleen at 310-439-1926.


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