Main St. Shopping with Gumbo Kinney Vintage in Venice

Gumbo Kinney Vintage mixes the sassy street smarts of a former NY entertainment lawyer cum movie producer, Jeffrey Gordon Weiss, with the Cajun roots of a spicy Louisiana native, David Bailey. Together they’ve been cooking up some tasty fashion flavors right here in Venice.

Walking into Gumbo Kinney Vintage is more than entering a clothing store, it’s embarking on an adventure. Amidst the racks of vintage clothes there is costume jewelry, accessories, lighting and furniture. It’s true that they do tend to show everything they have, “it can be overwhelming” admits Jeffrey, but they feature unique one-of-a-kind finds. They’ve been successful by being true to themselves, “we go for what we like” said Jeffrey. “People love our stuff” declared David.

They started out simply, hosting a yard sale that coincided with Abbot Kinney First Fridays. But when it morphed into a popular late night party known for David’s gumbo soup it became evident they had outgrown their space. They dropped the soup but kept the name Gumbo Kinney, found a retail shop and went legit. They’ve inhabited numerous venues in Venice and even Marina del Rey before scoring their latest locale on Main Street, just a few blocks north of Windward Circle.