Local Music Scene Rocks in Venice & Santa Monica!

The local music in the Venice and Santa Monica beach area simply rocks it! We get treated to local musicians such as Venice, fronted by Marky Lennon and Kip Lennon,  the  Diva of Venice, none other than Suzy Williams, Miss Jessica, The Gumbo Brothers, featuring Johann Stein and Greg Sonnier, and the Venice originals, Fishbone.

Thanks Leila Jean Levi for liking JagmediaThe solo singer featured here is the Diva of Venice, Suzy Williams. She has an amazing voice  and vocal range that can go from  Billie Holliday to the Mamas and the Papas.

She plays several gigs  each month in Venice, many of them free and also in Santa Monica.  She plays regularly at Danny’s Venice, with a free monthly show, typically the 2nd Wednesday night of the month.  The My Venice Life staff has seen her perform many times and it’s always a real treat to see and hear Suzy!  Catch her at Typhoon in Santa Monica for shows with the Steve Weisberg Orchestra for swing, jazz and blues a few times a year. In addition she performs at many special events, including fundraisers in Venice at venues such as literary arts beacon, Beyond Baroque and  visual arts with a  political and social activism message at SPARC.