Getting Green with Ed Begley Jr. at the Green Venice Expo

Ed Begley Jr GreenVenice Expo 01-My Venice LifeThe much anticipated Green Venice Expo took place last Saturday, February 28  at Mark Twain Middle School. Booths related to sustainable living were there plus a Tesla on view and  fabulous speakers that truly live a green, sustainable lifestyle and were there to help grow this movement! Ed Begley Jr., the original green man and actor, most recently in the news for riding his bike to the Oscars (in a tux! cool!) was the keynote speaker at the event.

Paul Scott & Ed Begley Jr Green Venice Expo 2015 My Venice Life

He was preceded by Paul Scott, an advocate for renewable energy, also called an “EV Crusader” by Autoweek, and featured  in the 2006 documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.  My Venice Life had the opportunity  to attend part of Scott’s talk,  and  all of Begley’s, both informative and impressive! (Andy Lipkis was also a speaker, however we were not able to see him speak.)

Ed Begley Jr. is the real deal and one of the most prominent people that both advocate and live a green sustainable lifestyle. Begley is very animated and passionate about the topic and let the crowd know that he started before he was a successful actor in Hollywood, doing what was in his means at each step of his career. Back when Los Angeles was a smog infested city in the 70’s it was clear that steps needed to be taken and Ed set out with his limited budget to buy a rain catcher and solar oven.

Ed Begley Jr GreenVenice Expo & fans-My Venice LifeNext was an electric car in the 70’s, more like a golfcart, that he used when he took Cindy Williams, from Laverne & Shirley fame on a first date.  She ended up helping him push the car after some technical difficulties. Needless to say, it was a first date only, however, Begley and Williams remain good friends to this day! Currently, Begley is  building a Leeds platinum home, which we will be eager to see and hopefully have the opportunity to  talk to Ed Begley Jr. about it when it’s built. (Ed, we hope you’re reading this!)

Paul Scott was great at  telling the facts about electric vehicles and so much more. For instance, $50 billion goes away from the state of California each year when we spend money at the pump. My Venice Life had the opportunity to ask about how the issue of accessibility to electric vehicles for renters and non-homeowners is being addressed; he said there were two bills that passed in California last year – one where condominiums can have electric charging stations and the second, that apartments can also have  them installed, although it does not apply to rent controlled buildings. It’s a start and you’ve got to start somewhere!

BRob Dew, Green Venice  Expo 2015 My Venice Life speakers were introduced by Rob Dew, the main organizer of the Green Venice Expo. Our hats are off to Rob for a wonderful job, plus the many volunteers it took to make for a successful event and the sponsorship from the Venice Neighborhood Council!

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