From Venice Beach to Venice Italy! Special Travel Feature!

Guest Blogger: Scott Archer

Venice is a city located to the northeastern part of Italy. It is sited on more than a hundred islands which are separated by canals. On the tourism front, the city offers various attractions that are a must-see. This means that one will have a chance to visit several places in the city to enjoy themselves. This article analyzes some of the best places in Venice.

St. Mark’s Basilica
This is a good place for religious people. Most people who have been to this place consider it to be the best church in Italy. The church is huge and beautiful. It has multi-colored pillars made of marble and has onion domes. The fact that no fee is required to visit this place makes it more affordable. The church has some small museums which make it more fun to tour.

St. Mark’s Square
This place is well known for its religious symbolism. Normally, it is very crowded because most of the tourists prefer it is advisable to visit the place when many people are not around. This may prove to be expensive because one will need to spend at least a night in Venice.

Vaporetto Grand Canal
Because Venice is sited on several islands, getting from one island to another may be difficult. As such, water buses play a key role. This canal is among the best in the country.

The Doge’s palace
This attraction site is located next to St. Mark’s Basilica. In order to tour this palace, one gets the opportunity to walk over the iconic Bridge of Sighs. The historical importance attached to this bridge makes the palace a must-visit place.

Burano Island
This island is famously known for its cartoon-like colored buildings. The beauty of the buildings is a joy to watch.

The Rialto Market
This place is known for its food abundance. Culturally, food market has a major role in Italy. The Rialto market offers the visitors the perfect opportunity to witness the Italian food.

Basilica San Marco
This place plays a crucial role in defining art in Italy. The Byzantine architecture is dedicated to the patron of Venice. The paintings and mosaics are a proof of artistry in Italy. This is among the city’s most visited places.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is synonymous to the modern day art. This makes the place a major attraction site for art lovers. Anybody who values contemporary art must visit the place. It houses works of key players in the art industry, including Klee, Pollock and Mondrian.

Carnival is a festival in Venice which is marked by celebrations. During this period, the Venetians dress in masks and other fineries. The festival is marked in February. The enjoyable celebrations attract several tourists from all over the world.

Galleria dell’Accademia
This is the best place to view the Venetian art. It has a collection of arts from the 14th to the 18th century. Some of the artists whose work is found here include Tiepolo, Paolo Veneziano and Titian. This place is considered among the best museums in Venice.
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