Featured Artist: Catherine Shores from Santa Monica

My Venice Life talked with Catherine Shores from Santa Monica, a self taught artist that grew up in New York City during the height of the Pop Art craze and loved museum and gallery visits in the city with her mother in Manhattan.

In her own words, Artist Catherine Shores tells us how she started as an artist:
“I have been an artist since the 5th. grade. I loved drawing and painting out of my entire imagination. I loved doodles, graphics, and shapes, faces, figures. I painted a portrait of a tropical girl with huge almond eyes, and a large flower like Gauguin, and sold it at my school flea market. I am self taught, and had taken community college art classes along with high school previously. My first choices were to be a designer, illustrator or art teacher and educator.”

artist catherine-shores-fauve-painting

Artist Catherine Shores, “Fauve”

Catherine tells us about her parents influenced her with their art:
“My parents were both whimsical in their making of art, with my father, also a photographer. They liked paper mache, and layered bright abstract blends with tissue and bright paint. They even made wine bottles for lamps. My mother was inspired by native South American primitive indigenous art with bright colored paper and works with sponges and palette knife. Corks, and cotton swabs were favorites. Greens and blues were quite hypnotic after traveling in Peru and Colombia in South America.”

As she got older, her passion surged and she connected with drawing and was was mentored by a retired architect who collected Graphic Design magazines from his native Poland. Figure drawing has been her passion, and she’s still fascinated by how great masters tapped their aspects of capturing the individuality and personality of the human figure. From Egon Schiele, to Lucian Freud.


Artist Catherine Shores, “Bouquet”

Catherine told My Venice Life, “I love  keeping my senses pulsing, revive  my inner child. and creating sharpens my perception, which makes me feel a sense of harmony within a group participating, or only viewing. Sandra Meuller, was amazing, in leading pathways of life experience by a program titled, Be Artrageous. Paint Lab had also ignited that sense of exploration in paint and drawing.”

Catherine plans on posting a new art gallery on Facebook next year. My Venice Life will keep you updated on when her online gallery is ready for viewing. In the meantime, enjoy her art in this article and make sure to share with the social media links below!

Article by: Editor Janet Gervers with Artist Catherine Shores