ETC Art Gallery – The New Dogtown Gallery

So what’s this all about?  ETC Art Gallery is a new gallery that bridges the old with the new, the past with the present on the walls at Dogtown Realty on Main Street in the heart of Santa Monica!

ETC Art Gallery-Tony Alva, Assaf Raz, Drew Golden, Jeremy Ryan Courtesy ETC Art GalleryThe new mural of Jay Adams that is a tribute to the famed Z Boys skater and surfer from Dogtown reflects that vibe and is near Dogtown Realty, consisting of Assaf Raz, Drew Golden, Jeremy Ryan along with Leslie Heinze, the gallery owner and curator, forming the Dogtown home base. Leslie said this about the new gallery space: ” It’s very important that we  maintain the building’s history and surf/skate culture connection. That’s why Tony Alva was in our recent pop up show at Stack Social in Venice and will  be in future shows.

Josh Payne, CEO of Stack Social, said, “We launched in Venice and are proud to truly be an integral part of the funky, artistic vibe that is this community. From beach clean ups to collaborating with local artists — we hope to set an example for the tech startup community on how startups can give back.”

Leslie Heinze-ETC Art Gallery-CuratorWe’re working with local and international skaters, surfers and photographers in the culture (old and new) to participate in the Pop Up events and/or show their own work in the space. It’s a goal to connect the new with the old, like Larry Bell and his son, Oliver Bell. Two generations of artists, most know Larry Bell, but don’t know of his son and their collaborative efforts.”

Artists of different mediums  collaborate in shows to offer a variety for the viewers and a chance to connect with the artists for selling art or for work on future projects, for example, Tony Alva collaborating with painter Michael Kortez at the Stack show.

Artists  that are part of ETC Art Gallery include:

Isabelle Alford Lago – Painter/street artist complements the Venice Beach scene and her murals can be seen in many local spots. She is a great fit with Dogtown because her Gorillas are becoming an staple of the Venice streets and it reminds us of the “Urban Gorillas” the Z-boys were referred to when they were establishing their skate style. 

Oliver Bell – Filmmaker/mixed media artist has a lot of unseen footage of Venice taken by him and his father, Larry Bell that he has been saving for the right outlet. Oliver will be in a show in October.

ETC Art Gallery- Enjoying Ezekiel Honig's Music+ArtZeke Honig – Audio/visual artist provided the music for his recent opening at the ETC Gallery in April

Mario Aguirre – Craftsman/artist. He is a former high school math teacher that quit his job to build and create. He does amazing wood work and signage for local restaurants like, Oscars Cerveteca and South End Pizza.

Leslie Heinze – Artist/curator is a painter besides a gallery owner and is a catalyst in collaborative projects with the artists she represents.

In addition, international artists from Nicaragua, (surfer/painter) as well as dog sculptor from Paris round out the team of talented artists.

ETC-Gallery-Tony-Alva with Jay Adams TributeUpcoming Shows:
June 28, Sunday at Dogtown Realty – the show coincides with Summer SOULstice on Main Street.

TBA: Shows at NextSpace and Stack Social in Venice.

Dogtown-Realty OfficeCheck back on My Venice Life for more show announcements from ETC Art Gallery at Dogtown Realty in Dogtown (Santa Monica)!

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Janet Gervers, My Venice Life © 2015 All Rights Reserved
Photos Courtesy of ETC Art Gallery:
Dogtown Mural: Artist: Deviate
Dogtown Building & Team (top photo)