Painting by Jodi Fuchs, Santa Monica Artist-ETC Art GAllery

Dogtown Art Show on Main Street Summer SOULstice– ETC ART Gallery

The brand new ETC ART Gallery at Dogtown Realty in Santa Monica is gearing up for the Annual Summer SOULstice on Main Street with an art opening that will complement the music filled event with award winning artist Jodi Fuchs, on Sunday, June 28.

Artist-Jodi-FuchsJodi Fuchs, contemporary abstract painter calls her work “spiritual graffiti”. Her inspiration fuses a variety of interests: yoga practices and philosophies, world travel, meditation, mark making, expressionistic gestures, feng shui and ambientology (creating sacred space).

“My paintings could be described as visionary abstracts. They are spontaneous explorations into what is currently fascinating me. Sometimes that is a concept: the poetics of breath, connection, chaos, yearning, expansion, love, divinity. Sometimes it’s an image: I love lotus flowers, circles, targets and stripes. Lately the word “yes” keeps popping up and I’ve developed a hankering for hot pink spray paint. I like to see what happens in the moment.”

Painting by Artist Jodi Fuchs, at ETC Art Gallery While living and working in Los Angeles, Jodi won Archstone Apartments “Art of Santa Monica Contest” in 2010 and was awarded 6 months of free gallery space @2000 Main St. in Santa Monica. Her gallery was open July 2010 – January 2011 and proved to be a great success.

She has a line of fine art posters with two publishers, rents her work to tv/film productions and sells and creates commissioned paintings for collectors.

Jodi currently resides on the big island of Hawaii after many years of living and working in Santa Monica.  

The show will feature a collection of the last paintings Jodi created in Los Angeles, before moving to Hawaii along with the new paintings she’s created while in Hawaii. The show will explore the artists’ shifting perspective with the resulting changes that can be observed from LA to Hawaii painting – from the then to now.

More details on the show at ETC ART Gallery will be in a forthcoming post. Check back soon!

Painting by Artist Jodi Fuchs, at ETC Art Gallery

ETC ART Gallery
2009 Main St., Santa Monica, CA
inside Dogtown Realty