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Featured Artist:
Paul Boutros from France

My Venice Life Editor, Janet Gervers caught up with Artist Paul Boutros at NextSpace Venice Beach, where they both work. Paul is an international artist from France who resides in the US and has also worked in Paris, Barcelona, Boston in addition to Venice.

paul boutros-art-27nf-forestmoodyPaul Boutros got his start in Paris as a background painter at Moonscoop Paris on the Code Lyoko cartoon series, the European leader of animated series for kids. This is an example of one of the gorgeous backgrounds he created (on left).

He told us that a story boarder that he worked with  said his work would be appreciated in the United States. He was going on vacation and decided to come to California, an appealing destination to him.

After meeting a lot of people here and quickly building a network it led to other projects, such as 2d artist for the iPhone game, Fieldrunners in Subatomic studio in Boston. Paul said, “The most surprising fact is that  I found my girlfriend there, who at some point became my wife.” Between 2007 and now, he travel often,  in Barcelona for example, as Senior 2d Artist at Gameloft,  a leading global publisher and developer of video games.

Today he works as a freelancer and works at NextSpace Venice Beach cowering space. When asked why he chose to work at NextSpace, he said working at home was “a bit depressing”.  He continue, “With Nextspace I can still do my freelance work but with other professionals working around me. I also enjoy the fact that a co working space is a wonderful opportunity to expand one’s network.”

We hope you enjoy the art of Paul Boutros. The featured art at top and on lower right are personal pieces from Paul’s portfolio. See more examples of his art in the links below.

paul boutros-art-001_3-jetPaul Boutros
Wuli Adventure